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Configure your sound system in the style of your choice and change the cover as often as you like.


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A great concert experience includes an awesome light show! Get cozy with warm light or grab the LED WiFi Bulb to flood your ambiance with 2 million colors.






4.9 out of 5 stars on Google Reviews

Fits Perfectly in the Streaming Setup!

I'm often asked about my XOUNTS in my streams because the unique design immediately catches the eye! In addition to the unique look, the sound system delivers an incredible sound and a juicy bass that really brings out the best in hard dance tracks. 🔥I'm super happy with my XOUNTS and can only recommend the sound system 👍

I am impressed!

I am thrilled! The pool is finished and the XOUNTS has got its summer place. Finally good sound while chilling and then with ambience in the evening. It couldn't be better. Many thanks to the XOUNTS team for bringing me joy every day :-)

Love the piece of art

Love the piece of art by Billi Methe and XOUNTS! Art and music are a wonderful combination.

The XOUNTS sound system is simply amazing!

The XOUNTS sound system is simply amazing! Not only does it offer incredible sound quality, but it's also a visual masterpiece with its customizable style covers. I love how versatile it is - perfect for parties, movie nights, your own concert at home (because that's what it feels like) and even gaming. The sleek design is a great addition to any room and will impress anyone who sees it. Overall, I highly recommend the XOUNTS to anyone looking for a premium audio experience. It's definitely the right choice for anyone who wants to "feel" the music again!

This ingenious piece really has it all

Not only does this box produce a 360° sound, which normally requires 2 boxes for stereo, but it's also a real eye-catcher. The sound is just as convincing at low volumes as it is loud, making it great for relaxed work or for a wild party. On top of that, the lighting can score points in various colors.

We've had our XOUNTS for over 2 years

The service from Xounts is just fantastic. When we got the Xounts in July '21, there were difficulties with the Bluetooth module ... A quick call ... Described the problem ... bang, 2 new Bluetooth modules on their way to us. Now, after just over 2 years, the Xounts discreetly gave up the ghost ... the treble was suddenly gone, you could only hear bass. We recorded a short video and contacted Xounts. They gave us a brief consultation, asked us to check a few more points ... Done, wrote feedback ... and lo and behold, Xounts gives a 3-year guarantee and we got a completely new Xounts. No matter which way you contact them ... whether by phone, email or WhatsApp ... you get an immediate response and the help you need. I can only say, hats off ... rarely experienced such a great service. We enjoy the clean and full sound of our XOUNTS every day and can only say: Keep up the good work!!!!


1. Superior Sound Quality

Experience crystal-clear, room-filling 360° sound with the XOUNTS sound system. Cutting-edge flat membrane technology and unique sound distribution let you enjoy every nuance of your favorite music, movies, and games in the highest quality. The outstanding sound quality of XOUNTS is the heart of your listening experience.

2. Interchangeable Designs

XOUNTS combines superior sound with aesthetic design. The customizable Style Covers are available in over 60 designs, perfectly matching your decor and personal taste. Your sound system will become a visual highlight in any room. With the interchangeable designs, you can easily refresh your XOUNTS at any time.

3. Smart Lighting

Enhance your listening experience with atmospheric lighting effects. The WIFI LED Bulb can be conveniently controlled via the XOUNTS app, offering a variety of colors and effects that visually complement your music and create a unique atmosphere. The ambient lighting effects make every listening experience even more immersive.

4. Versatile Use

Whether for parties, movie nights, or relaxing hours, the XOUNTS sound system is perfect for every occasion. The easy installation and flexible positioning make it an ideal companion in any room. Enjoy the versatile usage options and transform your home into a sound oasis.

5. Excellent Customer Service

XOUNTS places great emphasis on customer satisfaction. With a three-year warranty and a dedicated support team always ready to help, you can be sure your XOUNTS experience will be smooth and satisfying. Our top-notch customer service is always available to assist you.

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